2. Pray for Malaysia Airlines MH370. Pray for the people on board may they always be under God’s protection. Pray for the family may they have strength and patience to face this difficulty. Pray for the those who in charge and service to search and rescue, may they always be under God’s guidance to investigate wisely and search at right path. May they have the strength and spirit to solve this case. Amen.

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    The Row Fall 2014 Ready to Wear

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  4. Indonesian Fashion Week 2014

    It’s fashion week fever! Fashion week euphoria is everywhere around the globe including Indonesia. It’s a third time for Indonesia to hold this fashion event and this is my first time to attend one. Mostly because I want to watch Priyo Oktaviano show. Amazing cannot describe how wonderful the collection is. There are several thing I found during the event. First, there are great numbers of independence local brands. Second, hijab fashion is definitely the trend in Indonesian fashion scheme. Third, there’s increasing number of indonesian designers with great talent and collection. Fourth, Indonesian designers’ collection and labels mostly infuse Indonesian heritage through their design which is good to promote and preserve Indonesian culture and heritage. Fifth, “Edgy Philosophy” fashion show ( which combination of Lenny Agustin, Spato Djokokartiko, Gabriel Lage and Priyo Oktaviano collections) is the most highly anticipated fashion show. It’s great experience although I only attend for a day and have not enough time to explore the entire exhibition and so are my justifications are too general.

    The Entrance

    The Exhibition

    The Plenary Hall

    Sapto Djokokartiko “Poseidon”

    Gabriel Lage Priyo Oktaviano Couture “Hero”

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    ART: Design Collective Numen/ForUse Create Inhabitable String Jungle Gym

    Croatian-austrian design collective Numen/For Use have designed a prototype for inflatable volume containing a network of cables that can be explored similar to a jungle gym… and it’s awesome.

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    Before and After.

    Pray for Ukraine. Hope for better situation and stability. May mutual and right decision will come out soon.

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  7. This post I dedicated to my dogs in Kupang. Love them sooo much!. Their presence bring fresh air into home (all adults and awkward silence moment is inevitable). When people say eyes are window to soul, they’re lying. Yes their eyes so innocent and every time I see it I just want to give everything they want ( mostly food and getting inside the house to sleep on the couch) but manners can’t blurred the fact that they’re half evil. Starting with biting the curtain, entry force through window and drag ashes with their claws to food tray whenever they don’t like their meal (when there’s no meat of fish in it). In the end when you’re possessive you love them no matter what.

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    FASHION: Thakoon Addition Fall/Winter 2014

    “It’s always a bit feminine and a bit masculine,” said Thakoon Panichgul about his Addition line. 

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  9. Filling the Gap

    I’ve been away as far as possible from Tumblr for the last 4 months. Why, you may ask? Because I have been struggling with French. Yes the language French. I had been studying it by taking a course at IFI Salemba. For a newbie it’s shocking and overwhelming. At the first day, the class is conducted in French after a little introduction in Indonesian. Could you imagine when you in foreign country, you are confused like hell and want to ask but you don’t know how to ask let alone the answer? Yes that’s happen to me and my other friends. But well, IFI has great teacher that mentored us to counter this over-the-top feeling and we, day by day, learn to understand this language. I had learn for 4 months and been in level A2 (intermediate). I still want to practice again and again because I’m lack of vocabulary (i hate this part), listening ( oh dear god this is the hardest when it comes to french especially with COD/ COI) [you’ll be familiar when you learn french], and speaking (so damn timid). Comparing english and french? English is a lot much easier or maybe because I am used to it. Still, in general I find English is easier to speak, listen, read and write. Mostly because there is less of rules when it comes to English compared to French. I just wonder, maybe I have similar experience with other people in past so they change English from French as international language? No, it’s not. Against all odds, I like and so much in love with French. I just wonder it has to do with the fact Bradley Cooper can speak French so sexy or not. Or Daft Punk the most humble group music in the world who I could catch glimpse of their “real” face during an interview in french? Les gens de France sont très chic et complaisant. J’aime leur style et culture. Je vais aller-là pour apprendre la mode! À bientôt!

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    Life lesson 2.0. Thanks ispeakpr

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  15. Say hello from Indonesia @voguemagazine #vougestagram #theseptemberissue